Do not hire the UNEMPLOYED if ..

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Here are 3 reasons why you would not hire the unemployed:


1) you always follow the crowd

2) you do NOT want to go for the best talent available – which could be in someone currently out of work.

3) you are shortsighted

The crowd mentality makes us, the humans, do stupid things.

We buy stocks when everybody else is buying at the top of market – when we should be selling. We also sell at the bottom of the market, because everyone else is selling.

People always want what other people want. They do not want what nobody else wants.

They think that if nobody hired you, you can not be good. Even if you do a headstand on the interview, they will still not be impressed.

I always had a tendency to question the wisdom of the crowd. The road most traveled is the road of mediocrity.

I hired people who have not been employed for a while, and they ALL did well. Of course, I would interview them and make sure that they would do well.

One of them is now a head of HR at a major company, another is in charge of a product management function at a major publisher. Yet another now owns his own company and has 20 people working for him.

The fact that they have not worked in a while NEVER entered my mind during the interview.

People who are not working are very eager to get a job and to keep it. They are highly motivated, and will give you their utmost loyalty, dedication and hard work.

Give them a chance, please !


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